Our Mission

To provide prompt,
professional delivery services
on demand for the public
through excellence in effort
and technology.

To identify and fulfill
the needs of our clients
through a commitment to
better communication.

To develop and implement
new services that meet the
needs of Pittsburgh’s business
community — now and in
the future.

To be a positive force in
the community at large
through our interaction with
the public and through
specific works.


About Jet

Our History

Jet Messenger began in 1990 with one bicycle, one beeper and a handful of clients.

We made our mark with reliable, personal service and attentiveness to our customers needs.

In the early 90’s we pioneered a rush pricing structure to allow our customers to classify their urgent packages and we continued to offer a reliable alternative to the other providers of small package deliveries in the Pittsburgh area.

In 1995 we incorporated and absorbed two other bicycle messenger services, Rhodes & Hobson and Zippy Messenger.

Truck delivery service was added in February of 1996 and we continued to grow through the late 90’s.

At the begining of the new millenium we survived the tough economy when budgets were trimmed and the last of our original competition folded — a factor that led to the period of our greatest growth — making us the largest and oldest bicycle delivery service in the city.

Over time we learned that our clients need someone they can rely on to handle their affairs as if they were their own and treat all their packages as the unique set of requirements that they are.

We’ve stayed true to our roots. At JET our customers come fir