Our Rush Services
Ensure Your Packages
Arrive on Time

At JET, we have found that
each customer and every
package has a specific need.

You may be sending raw
materials or a finished
product — but it’s useless
if it’s not in the right hands
at the right time.

The criitcal need for packages
to be delivered on time has
prompted us to offer more
categories of priority delivery
than any other same-day service
in the Greater Pittsburgh Area.


Same-Day Services

Standard Service

Jet Prides itself on the speed of delivery for our ordinary packages.
For years we have maintained pick-up and delivery times that few in the industry can match. At times, standard packages might be delivered as fast as “super rush” packages, but our computer automatically sets the deadline for deliveries within Allegheny County at 2-5 hours from the time you place your call. Packages delivered between two downtown office buildings will typically arrive more quickly than packages delivered between counties.

Rush Service

Rush packages receive priority over standard packages.
If your client expects a higher level of service, a rush delivery designation offers you a relatively inexpensive way to give your package the priority status it needs to receive attention to your specific time constraints. Mention your time guideline to Jet’s order-taker, and it will be included with the package information sent out to your courier.

Double Rush Service

...and then there are deliveries that require an extraordinary effort.

When time is running out, your fight or flight instincts have kicked in and everything is on the line. Pick up the telephone and call. We will respond in a way you might not have thought possible.

Immediate service — the Double Rush designation — allows us to dedicate a courier to your package’s successful delivery when other companies can only tell you “it can’t be done.” Stopping only when it is compatible with your delivery’s deadline, we can get it there when you need it there.