Hints to Help
Your Packages
Go Even Faster

Delivery times are affected
by weather, traffic conditions,
distance, and overall service
demands. JET Messenger's
Priority Rush Services take
the control of your packages
away from those conditions
and put it back into your hands.
With all the variables you have
to worry about, let JET take the
‘delivery’ off of your mind.

If you have a deadline —
let us know when you call!
We’ll take care of it.


How to Ship

Call in Advance

To schedule extreme rush packages, packages going to neighboring counties or further and rush packages coming from distant points, helps us keep a courier free to handle your delivery promptly whe it‘s time comes.

The Sooner You Let Us Know About Your Deadlines — The Sooner We Get to Work On Them

Changes in your delivery’s time parameters after it is called in are much more difficult to accommodate.

Your package may already be in the hands of a driver on a route incompatible with any new dealines. Drivers previously able to get it there by your new deadline may have already been assigned to different work.

When you call, try to let us know when you or your client needs or expects your package to arrive.

Full Address Information on Your Package Decreases the Chance That It Will Be Delayed in Transit

The name of the business or resident, street address with suite number or apt# (when applicable) and correct zip code help your courier.

• Identify companies with similar sounding names.

• Quickly determine routes without calling for assistance.

• Deliver packages to shipping & receiving and security stations that need complete address information to accept them.

It is also helpful to:

• Include building (or hall) names and numbers for delivers to universityes, colleges, institutions or office parks.

• Include a telephone number for the recipient to save time, especially for rush packages sent to unusual destinations, residences, distant points and deliveries that may arrive near the destination’s closing time.

What You Are Sending May Cause Your Delivery to Be Delayed Unnecessarily

Telling the JET order-taker the nature of your parcel when you call can help all your packages arrive faster by allowing the best-equipped courier to be assigned to your delivery immediately.